All new dashboard experience for faster debugging, monitoring, and building

Elan Halpern
July 24, 2023


The Alchemy dashboard contains tools and resources to help you onboard easier, monitor your apps health, debug in real time, and enable entirely new features to improve your development processes.

The Alchemy product suite, the overall industry landscape, and most importantly, your needs as builders have changed drastically, so we felt like it was time for our dashboard interface to evolve with it. 

We spoke to dozens of developers and learned that they need easy ways to understand the status of their applications and to take action on potential issues they might be having. The new dashboard provides cleaner pathways for getting the context and data necessary to solve the important issues. 

Check out the changes for yourself by visiting:

New Features

  1. More intuitive navigation: the new navigation has an entirely new hierarchy to help you easily access the information that matters
  1. Search functionality: The top navigation has transformed into an all new search experience that indexes across all pages in the Alchemy dashboard and docs
  1. Quick access to your top apps: get quick access to your top 3 most used applications directly in the homepage 
  1. New analytics charts: the new dashboard homepage features entirely new charts for monitoring your API request health (successful and failed requests) and API request growth (week over week)
  1. New product discovery: stay up to date with the latest alchemy products and tooling with the new “just shipped 🚀” feature 
  1. New App overview table: see all of your apps in one place with the ability to filter by network and search by app name. Also get a quick look into request health for each app.
  1. Access other products: Easily access other Alchemy products and resources like Spearmint, Documentation, and Alchemy University directly from the dashboard. 
  1. Same face, different name: A few of our familiar products have switched to more intuitive names:
  1. Explorer → Logs
  2. Composer → Sandbox
  3. Notify → Webhooks 
  1. Bye bye royal blue 💙: we had a good run, but it’s time for a change 

What’s next?

These changes are just the beginning. We’re laying down the foundation for an entirely new redesign of every tool. You can expect a ton of new features coming out on the dashboard in the future, including:

  1. Better analytics for your apps 
  2. Visibility into streaming data like Webhooks and Websockets 
  3. Better debugging capabilities like request decoders 
  4. Optimization suggestions to save you money 
  5. Better discovery of products and tools 
  6. Much much more!

We want to hear from you

Everything we do at Alchemy is in service of making your experience as builders as easy as possible. If there’s something you want to see in the dashboard moving forward or if you have feedback on the new experience, please reach out to us!

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